Installation view: YOU ARE IN MY WAVE – Lothringer 13 Halle, München



Kinetic sound sculpture

194 × 35 × 60 cm

Acrylic glass mirror, raspberry-Pi

Anne Pfeifer’s minimalistic instruments // Lothringer13 gets a new piece in a series of sound objects that uses different resonant materials. Digital rhythmic compositions are played “live” and analog by hidden magnetic switches and springs. The sound and the forms are not loud but quite physical. Some even involve our own bodies and fade in their own pulse and beat. We are reminded of composer and electro-veteran Charles Cohen, who once said “It’s very healing when you know you’ve been heard. That process of expressing yourself and knowing it got received somehow is good for your soul.”

So for now go receive
play >

and play it again

(Excerpt Press Release Lothringer 13 Halle)